The diary of a freelancing Master of Wine.

So here I am, sitting at my kitchen table, sun shining, cup of tea to hand, writing my first blog post for Palate and Pen.

The diary of a freelancing Master of Wine escapee from Corporate Life.

I was going to call the blog Shoes and Chablis (other flinty, cool climate Chardonnays are available) but since I’ve fessed up to Friends and Family that yes, I do own far too many clothes for the freelance life, I’m focussing on the wine bit for now.

I’ve realised some other things, too, since leaving the business world…

  1. My husband’s coffee is better than anyone else’s. Sorry Anna-In-The-Canteen
  2. Writing is bliss. Getting all enthusiastic about wine is brilliant. Back to back office meetings are neither.
  3. Working from home, you put on weight. Because inspiration requires fuel. A fridge full of fuel.
  4. Daisy the Cat enjoys lying on plastic bags. This is strange but not unusual cat behaviour. I know this because I have researched it on the Internet.
  5. I am spending far too much time on the Internet.
  6. ‘Pointless’ on the TV is really rather jolly. And it finishes at 6pm which is the perfect time to do some ‘tasting’.

It’s good to be here and I’m raring to write.

So welcome to Palate and Pen.

And, just for fun, Sip Tips. Great weekly wines to get your taste buds dancing for joy.

So, for now,